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for tickets - Venmo

include email and "dance"

October 7th ecstatic dance

Big Love Yoga Barn

doors open at 6:45

sliding scale  ~ $25-$55

Music by
Alexander Caruso

hosted by Ecstatic Dance Charlotte

  • LIABILITY AGREEMENT: I/We understand the nature and risk of the activities I/We am/are participating in. I/We take responsibility for my/our own physical and emotional needs and will act accordingly. I/We accept responsibility for losses, costs and damages I/We incur as a result of my participation. I/We agree to the guidelines listed above for myself and any children (under age 18) I/We bring. By checking this box, I/We agree that Asheville Movement Collective, and/or any of its practitioners, officers, service providers, or property owners are not held liable for any injury or harm I/We may encounter while participating in our movement events. by purchasing a ticket to Ecstatic Dance Charlotte on 10/7/2023 at the Big Love Yoga Barn i agree that I have read and accepted these terms.

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